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How to create an account?

Enter your E-mail address and Select your presonal password.

How to create a profile?

From your HOME PAGE click on ADD NEW PROFILE fill up the form accordingly and select the Profile picture by clicking BROWSE which navigates you throughtout your device, select your pre-saved picture then click SUBMIT whenever you are ready to finalize your profile, Please allow the system to take in your profile. You can always revise and correct your profile whenever is needed ( YOU CAN CREATE UNLIMITED PROFILES).

How can I add Video?

Sign in, in home page select your profile which you want to add a video click on ADD VIDEOS insert the title of video then go to video poster click on BROWSE which navigates you throughout your device select your pre-saved video ( THE SITE ONLY TAKES ogv, mp4 or webm format WITH MAXIMUN OF 7 MIN) Repeat the same action on" Video*" by clicking on video BROWSE. This might take saveral minutes depending on the speed of your internet.