Johann Sebastian Bach


Date of Arrival : 31 March 1685

Date of Departure : 28 July 1750

Cause of death : Stroke

Place of Death :Leipzig

Other :None

Resting place : Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach

Other names :

Ethnicity : German

Alma mater/Profession : None

Political movement : None

Religion : Christian

Spouse(s) : Anna Magdalena Bach (m. 1721–1750), Maria Barbara Bach (m. 1707–1720)

Children : Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Christian Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, Johann Gottfried Bernhard Bach, Gottfried Heinrich Bach, Catharina Dorothea Bach, Regina Susanna, Maria Sophia, Johann August Abraham, Johann Christoph, Elisabeth Juliana Friederika, Christiana Benedicta Louise, Johanna Carolina, Christina Sophia Henrietta, Christian Gottlieb, Regina Johanna, Christiana Dorothea, Ernestus Andreas, Leopold Augustus

Parents :Father:Johann Ambrosius Bach Mother:Maria Elisabetha Lämmerhirt

Known for :
Johann Sebastian Bach was a great German music composer who was recognized by the famous musician Beethoven as “the original father of harmony”.

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