Paul Gauguin


Date of Arrival : 07 June 1848 AD

Date of Departure : 08 May 1903 AD

Cause of death : Accidental drug overdose

Place of Death :Atuona

Other :None

Resting place : Paris

Other names :

Ethnicity : French

Alma mater/Profession : None

Political movement : None

Religion : unknown

Spouse(s) : Mette Sophie Gad

Children : Emile, Aline, Clovis, Jean René, Pola, Germaine Chardon, Emile.

Parents :Father:Clovis Gauguin Mother:Aline Marie Chazal

Known for :
Paul Gauguin was a leading French Post Impressionist painter known for his use of bold colours and synthetist style.

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