Max Planck


Date of Arrival : April 23, 1858

Date of Departure : October 4, 1947

Cause of death : None

Place of Death :Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Other :None

Resting place : Germany

Other names :

Ethnicity : German

Alma mater/Profession : Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Political movement : None

Religion : Unknown

Spouse(s) : Marie Merck Marga von Hösslin, Max Planck.

Children : Sons Erwin Planck, Hermann Planck, Karl Planck, DaughterS Grete Planck, Emma Planck.

Parents :Father Johann Julius Wilhelm Planck Mother Emma Patzig .

Known for :
Planck constant Planck postulate Planck\'s law of black body radiation

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