Edward Everett


Date of Arrival : 11 April 1794 AD

Date of Departure : 15 January 1865 AD

Cause of death : A Cold

Place of Death :Boston, Massachusetts

Other :None

Resting place : Boston, Massachusetts

Other names :

Ethnicity : American

Alma mater/Profession : Harvard University

Political movement : American politician

Religion : Unitarian

Spouse(s) : Charlotte Gray Brooks (m. 1822), Charlotte Gray Brooks (m. 1822)

Children : William Everett, Henry Sidney Everett, Anne Gorham Everett, Grace Webster Everett, Charlotte Brooks Everett, Edward Brooks Everett

Parents :Father:Rev. Oliver Everett Mother:Lucy Hill Everett

Known for :
Edward Everett was an American politician, educator, pastor and diplomat who served as a U.S. Representative, Senator, Governor of Massachusetts, Minister to Great Britain and the Secretary of State.

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