Johannes Kepler

A 1610 portrait of Johannes Kepler by an unknown artist

Date of Arrival : December 27, 1571

Date of Departure : November 15, 1630

Cause of death : None

Place of Death :Regensburg

Other :

Resting place : German

Other names :

Ethnicity : German

Alma mater/Profession : University of Tübingen

Political movement : None

Religion : Lutheran

Spouse(s) : Susanna Reuttinge, Barbara

Children : Katharina Kepler, Heinrich Kepler, Friedrich Kepler, Sebald Kepler, Cordula Kepler, Ludwig Kepler, Margareta Regina Kepler, Susanna Kepler, Fridmar Kepler, Hildebert Kepler

Parents :FATHER Heinrich Kepler MOTHER Katharina Guldenmann

Known for :
Johannes Kepler was a famous German astronomer, mathematician and astrologer

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