Nur Ali Elahi

همه از خدایم و بسوی وی شرف یاب میشویم

Date of Arrival : 09/11/1895

Date of Departure : 10/19/1974

Cause of death : Unknown

Place of Death :Hashtgerd

Other :

Resting place : Hashtgerd, a rural town located on the outskirts of Tehran

Other names :

Ethnicity : Iranian Kurd

Alma mater/Profession : Spiritual thinker, musician and jurist who dedicated his life to investigating the metaphysical dimension of human beings,Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals for Mazandaran Province

Political movement : NONE

Religion : Muslim

Spouse(s) :

Children : Bahram and Hajj Amin Elahi

Parents :Father:Hadj Nematollah Jeyhounabadi

Known for :
Borhan-ol Haqq (Persian: برهان الحق‎) [Demonstration of Truth] 1st ed. (Tahuri, 1963),Haqq-ol Haqaiq (Persian: حق الحقايق‎) [Commentary on Shahnameh Haqiqat (The Book of the Kings of Truth)] (Husseini, 1967),Ma\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'refat-ol Ruh (Persian: معرفت الروح‎) [Knowing the Spirit] 1st edition (Tahuri, 1969),Asar-ol Haqq (Persian: آثارالحق‎) [Traces of Truth] ed. B. Elahi. Volume I (Jeyhoun, 1978),Asar-ol Haqq (Persian: آثارالحق‎) [Traces of Truth] ed. B. Elahi. Volume II (Jeyhoun, 1991),www.ostadelahi.com.

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