Mohammad Ali Fardin

همه از خدایم م بسوی وی شرف یاب میشویم

Date of Arrival : 02/04/1931

Date of Departure : 04/06/2000(aged 69)

Cause of death : Myocardial infarction-heart attack: the death of a segment of heart muscle.

Place of Death :Tehran

Other :

Resting place : Beheshteh Zahra- Iran

Other names :

Ethnicity : Persian

Alma mater/Profession : Wrestler, Actor & Business Owner.

Political movement : None

Religion : Muslim

Spouse(s) : Mehri Khomaarloo

Children : Saeed,Siyavash, Atefeh,Ameneh.

Parents :Father: Ali

Known for :
King of Hearts

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