Sayed Nader Ali Khan Razavi

همه از خدایم و بسوی وی شرف یاب میشویم

Date of Arrival : 1892

Date of Departure : 06/23/1982 (aged 90)

Cause of death : Natural

Place of Death :Hyderabad, India

Other :

Resting place : Daira Mir Momin, MOGHALPURA ,Hyderabad

Other names :

Ethnicity : Persian-Indian

Alma mater/Profession : Village Owner, Land Lord, Business Man.

Political movement : None

Religion : Muslim

Spouse(s) : Abbasi Bagum and Fatima.

Children : Sayed Farrokh, Sayed Zainulabedin, Sayed Hussain, Esmat Chand, Riyazul Nessa, Sayed Fayaz, Sayed Hydar, Sayed Hassan, Tahera, Gohar, Majo.

Parents :Father: Seyed Hydar Ali Khan Razavi, Mother:Esmat Bibi

Known for :
Self Discipline.

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Reza Razavi
: Rest in peace my dear and may Allah bless your soul..

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