Christian Doppler


Date of Arrival : 29 November 1803 AD

Date of Departure : 17 March 1853 AD

Cause of death : Respiratory disease

Place of Death :Venice, Italy

Other :

Resting place : Italy

Other names :

Ethnicity : Austrian

Alma mater/Profession : N/A

Political movement : NoneDoppler effect

Religion : Lutheran

Spouse(s) : Mathilde Sturm Doppler

Children : Sons, Ludwig Doppler Hermann Doppler Adolf Doppler Daugthers Matilda Doppler Bertha Doppler

Parents :Father Johann Evngelist Doppler Mother Therese Doppler

Known for :
“Doppler Effect” is the term coined for the work of the renowned Austrian mathematician & physicist, Christian Doppler.

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Christian Doppler