Reza Khan Pahlavi

همه از خدایم و بسوی وی شرف یاب میشویم

Date of Arrival : 03/15/1878

Date of Departure : 07/26/1944 (aged 66)

Cause of death : Heart Ailment

Place of Death : Johannesburg, South Africa

Other :

Resting place : Al Rifa Mosque in Cairo

Other names :

Ethnicity : Persian

Alma mater/Profession : Trans-Iranian Railway, National bank, Creation of the first university in Iran. Eradication of malaria. Eradication of corruption in civil servants, paying wages in time so people did not have to rely on bribes. Creation of school books, Creation of birth certificates for all Iranians.

Political movement : Iranian anti-communists

Religion : Muslim

Spouse(s) : Maryam Khanum Tadj ol-Molouk (queen consort) Qamar ol-Molouk Esmat ol-Molouk

Children : Hamdamsaltaneh, Shams, Mohammad Reza, Ashraf, Ali Reza, Gholam Reza, Abdul Reza, Ahmad Reza, Mahmud Reza, Fatimeh, Hamid Reza.

Parents :Father Abbas Ali Khan Mother Noush-Afarin Ayromlou

Known for :
Shah(King) of Iran, Introduced many social, economic, and political reforms during his reign, ultimately laying the foundation of the modern Iranian state

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