Augustin-Louis Cauchy


Date of Arrival : 21 August 1789

Date of Departure : 23 May 1857

Cause of death : None

Place of Death :Paris

Other :

Resting place : France

Other names :

Ethnicity : French

Alma mater/Profession : Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées

Political movement : None

Religion : Roman Catholic

Spouse(s) : Aloïse de Bure

Children : None

Parents :Father Louis François Cauchy Mother Marie-Madeleine Desestre

Known for :
Augustin Cauchy was a renowned French mathematician. He proved the theorems of infinitesimal calculus in a rigorous manner. Know more about his life in this brief biography.

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Augustin-Louis Cauchy Biography
Augustin-Louis Cauchy Biography