Gordon Clark

In God we trust

Date of Arrival : August 31, 1902

Date of Departure : April 9, 1985

Cause of death : Unknown

Place of Death :Westcliffe, Colorado.

Other :

Resting place : Westcliffe, Colorado.

Other names :

Ethnicity : American

Alma mater/Profession : American philosopher and Calvinist theologian. He was a leading figure associated with presuppositional apologetics and was chairman of the Philosophy Department at Butler University for 28 years. He was an expert in pre-Socratic and ancient philosophy and was noted for his rigor in defending propositional revelation against all forms of empiricism and rationalism, in arguing that all truth is propositional and thus uses the laws of logic. His theory of knowledge is sometimes called scripturalism.

Political movement : N/A

Religion : Christian

Spouse(s) : Ruth Schmidt

Children : Lois Antoinette (later Lois Zeller, b. 1936) and Nancy Elizabeth (later Betsy Clark George, b. 1941)

Parents :N/A

Known for :
Clark was a prolific author who wrote more than forty books, including texts on ancient and contemporary philosophy, volumes on Christian doctrines, commentaries on the New Testament and a one-volume history of philosophy.

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