Elvis Aaron Presley

Date of Arrival : 06/08/1935

Date of Departure : 08/16/1977 (aged 42)

Cause of death : The main factors that caused his death are: Diet: Elvis was known to eat a lot of \"junk food\" which is unhealthy. The use of prescription drugs. Elvis took many types of prescription drugs, and this caused his health to deteriorate. Obesity: When Elvis died, he was considered obese (obesity increases the risk of a heart attack).

Place of Death : Memphis, Tennessee

Other :N/A

Resting place : Graceland

Other names :

Ethnicity : American

Alma mater/Profession : N/A

Political movement : None

Religion : Christian

Spouse(s) : Priscilla Presley (m. 1967 - 1973)

Children : Lisa Marie Presley (Daughter)

Parents : Linda Thompson

Known for :
King of Rock and Roll

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