Mahatma Gandhi

The Father of India

Date of Arrival : 10/02/1869

Date of Departure : 01/30/1948

Cause of death : Assassination

Place of Death :New Delhi, India

Other :

Resting place : Cremated at Rajghat, Delhi

Other names :

Ethnicity : Hindustani (Indian)

Alma mater/Profession : Samaldas College, Bhavnagar, University College, London.barrister-at-law.

Political movement : Indian National Congress

Religion : Hinduism, with Jain influences

Spouse(s) : Kasturba Gandhi

Children : Harilal Manilal Ramdas Devdas

Parents :Putlibai Gandhi (Mother) Karamchand Gandhi (Father)

Known for :
Spiritual and Political Leader,Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world,

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