Theodosius Dobzhansky


Date of Arrival : January 24, 1900

Date of Departure : December 18, 1975

Cause of death : Heart failure

Place of Death :San Jacinto, California, United States

Other :Beginning in 1918, Dobzhansky published well over 400 research papers that provide an important part of the factual evidence for modern evolutionary theory. His preeminence, however, lay even more in the rare talent for synthesizing the masses of experimental and theoretical data in the literature into a broad, comprehensive view of the subject.

Resting place : United States

Other names :

Ethnicity : Russian Empire

Alma mater/Profession : None

Political movement : None

Religion : Unknown

Spouse(s) : Natalia Sivertzeva

Children : Unknown

Parents :Unknown

Known for :
prominent geneticist and evolutionary biologist, and a central figure in the field of evolutionary biology for his work in shaping the unifying modern evolutionary

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